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Who are we?

We are the University of East London Baby Development Lab, a group of developmental psychologists led by Professor Sam Wass.

What are we researching?

We’re investigating how babies become thinkers, focusers, and communicators, and the factors that help them gain these skills!

We think that developing these skills is a team effort; both you and your baby are active players…

That’s why we’re trying to understand how parents and babies influence each other during play, and in the home; the contexts where babies and parents do the most thinking, focusing, and communicating together.

What’s involved?

Our current study involves a play session at our lab, in Stratford, and a home observation session, at 4 timepoints over the course of 3 years.

In the lab, we will use Electroencephalography (EEG) to understand how yours and your baby’s brains synchronise to each other. This technique is completely harmless, but, you will get a cool photo of your brainwaves!

In the home, you’ll wear small devices that measure yours and your baby’s heart-rate, speech, and looking behaviour, whilst you go about your day as you usually would.

You’ll get a £10 shopping voucher for every session, so that’s £80 for completing the study! Click the link below to find out more about the study:

Who we’re looking for

If you have a child aged 2-6 months old and are interested in taking part in one of our studies then please get in touch! We are always recruiting for new infants and parents to take part in our studies. Please reach out with the form on the left and one of our researchers will be in touch. 

If you know any other parents who might be interested we have a finder’s fee. Contact our lab manager Katie Lancaster for more details.