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Amina Jayasuriya

Amina Jayasuriya

Amina is a Master’s Psychology student and works with another student in the Development Centre on a Nature and Attention Study, which looks at attention engagement in urban and suburban environments. In addition to her work in the Development Centre, Amina is a mother of four young children and a part-time Outreach Teacher-Teaching and supporting the educational needs and welfare of young people with Social, Emotional, and Mental Health), Looked After Children and Special Educational Needs. 

Before joining UEL Amina had fourteen years of teaching experience, in various inner-city schools and educational settings. In her role as a teacher, Amina has engaged in devising Drama workshops and classes for children, in support of Speech and Language, worked as Humanities Co Ordinator, Special Educational Needs Teacher, with specific interests and experience with working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

  • Email Amina Jayasuriya at u2073475@uel.ac.uk

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