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Doug Smukler

Doug Smukler

Doug is a 3rd-year undergraduate at the University of Oregon, pursuing a double major in psychology and business administration, with a concentration in business analytics. While studying abroad in a GEO London program, Doug began an internship at UEL BabyDev Lab in spring 2023.

Curious about the mysterious nature of psychedelics in their relation to mental disorders, Doug aims to conduct research on the long-term neurocognitive effects of ingesting these hallucinogenic substances. To further study this topic, he hopes to pursue a career in clinical research, especially by utilizing his academic experience with data analytics to conduct tests and research. Narrowing his search to evaluating the correlation between these psychedelic medicines and dissociative disorders, such as Depersonalization Disorder and Derealization Disorder, Doug seeks to fill the gap in the lack of literature and studies on the potential influences of these particular disorders.

Through the UEL internship, Doug plans to expand his understanding of in-lab testing processes, data collection, and analysis by assisting a team of PHD students with their research. He strives to pursue a PhD psychology program following his graduation at the University of Oregon in Spring 2024.

  • Email Doug Smukler at dsmukler@uoregon.edu

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