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Giovanni Esposito

Giovanni Esposito

Giovanni Esposito joined the UEL BabyDevLab in September 2022 as a doctoral researcher, working on the FWO-funded research project “Understanding developmental trajectories in preterm and healthy infants by objectively assessing multimodal biobehavioural and socio-communicative attunement among infant-mother dyads”, a collaboration with KU Leuven. Giovanni is particularly interested in the opportunities naturalistic research provides to look at naturally occurring stressful interactions in the home, situations which may be common in life but difficult to study in the laboratory. He is currently investigating the behavioural mechanisms of stress contagion in mother-child and father-child dyads and identifying what constitutes successful parental emotion regulation strategies. He also works on testing for the BabyDevLab’s ONACSA project.

Giovanni completed his Master’s in Cognitive Science and Language at the University of Barcelona, where he studied reasoning and decision making, his thesis investigating the individual differences that lead to success or failure in counter-intuitive reasoning problems. Prior to pursuing his research goals, Giovanni was awarded a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education at UCL Institute of Education and subsequently worked as a Primary class teacher in the UK. He has also taught English in primary schools in Japan and Spain and has a keen interest in alternative curricula and child-led, discovery learning.

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