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James Ives

James Ives

James is a PhD student supervised by Dr Sam Wass as part of an ERC funded grant. The research goal is to study infant-adult pairs in a naturalistic setting to understand how developing social brains dynamically interact during learning exchanges, how each member of the pair influences one another and the implications for attention and learning. James’ research interests focus on the influence of neural social capabilities and dynamics on learning and attention in the developing infant and adult brain. James achieved a First Class honours MPsych degree at Plymouth University, where his dissertations focussed on the impact of the motor area on lexical processing using an embodied psychology paradigm. During his time at Plymouth University James enjoyed a placement year as a research assistant in the EEG lab helping researchers investigate visual and lexical processing, social and embodied psychology, and the neural correlates of game theory. Between undergraduate study and starting a PhD, James became Editor and then Editor-in-Chief of News-Medical.net, an online medical and life sciences portal. James continues to use many of the same skills as a part time freelancer and programmer of automation, content and report building software. In his free time, James enjoys making his own wine, pottering in the garden, vermicomposting, reading, gaming, coding, travelling and is currently pursuing the London Classiques Challenge. He’s completed the London Marathon and is training for the 100 mile London-Essex bike ride in May.

  • Email James Ives at u2067263@uel.ac.uk

Latest publications

  1. Wass, S., Perapoch Amadó, M., & Ives, J. (2022). Oscillatory entrainment to our early social or physical environment and the emergence of volitional control. Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1878929322000469#!