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Katie Lancaster

Katie Lancaster

Katie is the Lab Manager of the UEL Baby Development Lab.

She obtained a first-class honour’s degree in Psychology and a master’s degree in Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience with distinction, both from the University of Sheffield. Her master’s dissertation, which investigated the temporal expansion of neurovascular coupling via cooling of the cortex, won a prize for the highest mark across all three psychological neuroscience programmes of her year.

Prior to her role as Lab Manager, Katie worked in the medical communications industry for a year and a half, where she gained experience in the dissemination of scientific research.

She has been awarded funding by the Economic and Social Research Council to conduct a PhD project, starting in October 2023, exploring the neural pathways through which unpredictably contingent caregiver behaviours affect development.

  • Email Katie Lancaster at k.lancaster@uel.ac.uk

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