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María José Peñaherrera

María José Peñaherrera

María José is an intern at the Lab. Her main task is to analyse behavioural data from our projects. More specifically, she is in charge of the gaze coding that needs to be done for all our table-top interactions. She is also helping one of the teams in the lab (ONACSA) with data collection by assisting their Lab sessions.

María José has a first-class honours degree in Clinical Psychology from the Universidad del Azuay in Ecuador and has recently achieved an MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuropsychology from Birkbeck, University of London.

María José has experience in the clinical and research field, especially with children and teenagers. She worked as a research assistant and later as a Jr. researcher at the Bioscience Department of the University of Cuenca and at the Research Group of Inclusion of the University of Azuay, both in Ecuador. Her research interests focus on Developmental Neuroscience regarding neurocognitive disorders, gifted population, executive functioning and plasticity mechanisms.

María José’s mid-term goal is to start her PhD and be dedicated to translational science; this focuses on generating research results that can be translated into public policy or be directly beneficial for children/teenagers and their families.

  • Email María José Peñaherrera at marjospeve@gmail.com

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