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Mükrime Gok

Mükrime Gok

Mükrime graduated from Istanbul Medipol University, Department of Child Development with an honorary student diploma in 2021. Her thesis was titled “An Examination of Psychological Well-Being Levels of Adolescents aged 14-18.”

During her voluntary internships, she observed the typical and atypical development of children in kindergartens, as well as special education and rehabilitation centres.

She is currently working in a special education and rehabilitation centre with children who need developmental support (autism spectrum disorder, down syndrome, developmental delay, cerebral palsy, learning difficulties, intellectual disability). In this role, she is aiming to improve support programs in five main areas of development (cognitive, speech and language, fine-gross motor skills, social and emotional, self-care), for typically and atypically developing children aged 0-18 years; providing developmental assessment and evaluation, and counselling families.

In the BabyDevLab, she is analysing behavioural data from our projects, coding data in MATLAB, and is supporting our social media operations.

She intends to undertake a master’s in developmental psychology.

  • Email Mükrime Gok at mukrimegok@gmail.com

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