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Senanur Sandıkcı

Senanur Sandıkcı

Senanur is a final year BSc Psychology student at Ankara University. In the Lab, she is assisting on the ‘Early Life Sensitivity and Adaptation (ELSA)’ project. She is interested in examining how childhood stressors account for variability in later emotional, cognitive, and behavioural functioning.

Previously, Senanur worked as a Research Assistant in Hacettepe University’s Developmental Psychology Lab, and at the Ankara University Department of Linguistics Eye Tracking Lab. She helped coordinate data collection and coding for projects exploring mother-child conversations and autobiographical memory development, as well as a comparisons of the SNARC effect in native Turkish speakers and native Arabic speakers.

Before joining the UEL BabyDevLab, Senanur completed her clinical internships at a Child and Adult Psychiatric Unit in Ankara, observing psychological assessments, and assisting children with a variety of developmental, cognitive, and affective disorders.

Following the BSc, Senanur is planning to undertake a Master’s in Clinical Psychology.

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