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Tom Northrop

Tom Northrop

Tom is a current PhD researcher at UEL BabyDevLab. His work primarily focuses on how engagement & learning develop over the first years of life. In particular, he’s interested in how children begin to organise their actions into predictable patterns just like adults – who show these kinds of patterns during everyday life. For example, we all employ a predictable pattern of actions when making a cup of tea, or cooking.

Prior to PhD research, Tom studied Neuroscience (BSc) at the University of Bristol, and Educational Neuroscience (MSc) jointly at UCL Institute of Education & Birkbeck College.

A broad interest of his, is how to apply cognitive findings to help children learn. Currently, he is delivering an additional project at Discover Children’s Storytelling Centre, aiming to understand, and in-turn support, child engagement with storytelling in Newham.

  • Email Tom Northrop at T.Northrop@uel.ac.uk

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