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Xiangyi Ma

Xiangyi Ma

Xiangyi obtained a MSc Cognitive Neuroscience degree at King’s College London and is assisting in UEL BabyDevLab on the ONASCA project with behaviour data coding, lab testing and home visits. She completed her dissertation on the relationships of non-verbal vocalisation, joint attention, and physiology arousal during infant-mother interactions. Her current interest lies in the neural correlates of music and drama exposes in typical developing and atypical developing children and how therapy may play a role.

Prior to her MSc, Xiangyi completed her BSc in Life Science in Taiwan, at Tunghai University. She engaged in a 2-year internship at Taichung Veterans Hospital and conducted a research project aimed at investigating the gut-brain axis by studying the effects of probiotics on depression using animal models. She also worked as a research assistant at Dalian University of Technology in China before coming to the UK.

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