UEL Baby Dev Lab

DEEP: A dual EEG pipeline for developmental hyperscanning studies

Kayhan, E., Matthes, D., Haresign, I. M., Bánki, A., Michel, C., Langeloh, M., ... & Hoehl, S. 2022. Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience

Cutting-edge hyperscanning methods led to a paradigm shift in social neuroscience. It allowed researchers to
measure dynamic mutual alignment of neural processes between two or more individuals in naturalistic contexts.
The ever-growing interest in hyperscanning research calls for the development of transparent and validated data
analysis methods to further advance the field. We have developed and tested a dual electroencephalography
(EEG) analysis pipeline, namely DEEP. Following the preprocessing of the data, DEEP allows users to calculate
Phase Locking Values (PLVs) and cross-frequency PLVs as indices of inter-brain phase alignment of dyads as well
as time-frequency responses and EEG power for each participant. The pipeline also includes scripts to control for
spurious correlations. Our goal is to contribute to open and reproducible science practices by making DEEP
publicly available together with an example mother-infant EEG hyperscanning dataset.